Quality pork processors is one of the country’s leading pork processor and wholesaler.We support our local industry by processing, packaging, marketing and distributing fresh, tasty and nutritious pork products to thousands of customers throughout world every day.

Under the supervision of food safety inspectors, along with independent vets, our dedicated staff use both traditional hand cutting techniques and modern processing innovations to deliver premium meat to customers in the UK,USA,CHINA and around the world.

In this highly competitive industry, we work hard to set ourselves apart through quality processes and diverse product lines. In doing this we align ourselves with reliable and strong customers who share our high standards.

Our Customers

Due to the high quality nature of our products, our export team specialize in partnering with high-end overseas customers who demand high quality pork products. But that does not mean the British miss out – we predominantly cater to local markets and consistently deliver the same, export quality, premium meat to your local butcher, supermarket, or restaurant. Buying our pork is buying the best quality in the market. Additionally, our systems meet multiple food safety and export standards, including those from the Ministry of Primary Industries, EU,PRC and USDA.



At Quality pork processor our motto is “Play it Safe”. Nothing is more important than making sure everyone on our team gets home safely every night. The wellbeing of our people is our clear priority; and we have programs and systems in place to make sure safe behaviour is embedded in everything we do.

We empower our people to constantly think of ways to keep themselves and their workmates safe.

We are committed to not only minimizing incident rates in our business but also specifically focusing on the high-risk activities through our Critical Risk Program.

Our Board, Senior Management, as well as the wider team, all play an active role in safety leadership, and this, together with a strong safety culture across our sites, helps us to deploy appropriate systems to keep our people and site visitors safe.


At our processing facilities in we take pride in producing quality pork for our customers. We have pioneered the use of new butchery techniques and packaging methods to extent product shelf life while enhancing product quality. We also produce a number of cuts that are unique to Quality pork processors limited – developed in response to customer requirements.

Independent Asure Quality meat inspectors are on site at all times of production to ensure all pork processed through this facility meets food safety regulations. These inspectors also monitor livestock to ensure animals are cared for under welfare regulations. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) also independently audit this abattoir each quarter.



Farming pigs takes expert knowledge, hard work and commitment from farmers. Pigs need constant access to shelter, a balanced diet and regular care. At Quality pork processor, we work to ensure our partners, farmers and team members adhere to the highest possible standards. Each farmer who supplies pigs to Quality pork processors limited must comply with our ‘Code of Practice for Pig Suppliers’ – which sets out the obligations for each farmer as well as our obligations to them.

At Quality pork processor, we also care about the welfare of the uk’s pigs. We use the uk Pork industry’s PigCare™ program to achieve and maintain good animal welfare at all stages of pig production. All farmers who supply to Quality pork processors limited must be PigCare™ accredited. As part of this program each farm is audited annually and they can also be subject to random unannounced audits.