Our Mission

We provide millions of people with delicious and fresh pork every day. By meeting the most stringent quality standards time and time again, we are able to guarantee that our products are safe, healthy, and high-quality.
It is also one of our duties to give pork the place it deserves around the world. A nice bit of pork is not only part of a healthy diet, this manifestly UK & USA product creates thousands of jobs in the industry.

Our Vision

Sustainability is a matter of priority for us. Since our foundation, we have been conducting business with the utmost respect for people, animals and the environment.
Our people are of tremendous value. They ensure the proper functioning of our company every single day. In addition, we value the relationship with our neighbours.

We put the welfare of our animals centre stage. We insist that our pigs are treated in a calm, animal-friendly and stress-free manner. And remember: a delicious piece of meat is only possible when processed safely and hygienically. That is why we operate under the supervision of the UK federal agency for food chain safety.

Obviously, sustainability also implies we put a lot of effort into minimizing our impact on the environment. We take many different measures to ensure this.